2017 Donors

Austrian Donau Club

Ken and Pat Beckius, in memory of Sue Beckius
Andrew and Lanelle Cusack
New Jersey Resources

Estate of Adolph J. Betterini

Jay Porter Bruemmer Charitable Lead Trust

Anonymous Donor, in memory of the Blair/Burns Family
JHB Student Athlete Fund, Inc.
Courtney B. Larkin

The Brunnette Family, in honor of Carolyn Wysocki on her birthday
Central CT Health District*
Norman and Joan Chasse*
Patricia Checko*
Ecological Health Organization*
Fred and Linda Lautenschlager*
Susan Riedeman*
Judith Sartucci*
Joan Smith*
*In memory of Michael Kowalczyk
Aetna Foundation, Inc., Partners in Community Giving
American Savings Foundation
Anonymous Donor
Gerry and Lisa Amodio
Sharon Baretta
Mark and Maria Bernacki
Rod and Sara Brown
Kevin and Christine Bruemmer
Maureen Brummett
Len and Maureen Carlson
Paul and Ronni D’Addabbo
Michael and Laura Foran
Patrick and Frances Gallagher
Brian and Cori Humes
Janis Jerman
C.J. and Linda Jones
Kensington Congregational Church
Phyllis Kindelan
Katherine Lapico
Ian Lucas and Sylvia Wilson Lucas
Melinda Martin
David and Linda Obedzinski
Bob and June O’Leary
Paul and Annette Salina
Tom and Jude Satalino
Maryann Smialowski
Larry and Jan Tanner
Betty Tedeschi
Steve and Mary Ann Varga
Emilie Yukna

Stanley Seniors Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Civic Leader

Okay Industries
Stanley Black & Decker


Acme-Monaco Corporation
The Allstate Foundation
An Anonymous Donor
Cynthia C. Anderson
Jan Blackburn
Peter and Marcelyn Clarke
Czepiga Daly Pope, LLC
Ericson, Scalise, & Mangan, P.C.
Fiduciary Investment Advisors, Inc.
Donald and Beverly Harris
Ken and Chris Julian
William and Ellen Macristy Foundation
Miller, Moriarty & Company, LLC
Donna Rutola
Art and Trish Schaller
Jack and Betsy Waller
Jim and Vickie Williamson

Special Friend

An Anonymous Donor
Barbara B. Lindsay, LLC
Charles and Sia Bauer
Leslie and Michael Cifone
Conry Asset Management
Paul T. Czepiga
Irene DeVivo
eBenefits Group Northeast, LLC
Joseph Ertl
Leo and Diane Gagne
Stan and Nina Jankowski
CJ and Linda Jones
Phyllis and Ed Kindelan
David and Nancy McDonald
New Britain Medical Supplies, Inc.
David and Linda Obedzinski
The Office Works, Inc.
Marc S. Pelletier, CPA
Gregory and Pamela Reynolds
Lynn and James Ricci
Adam and Danielle Salina
Paul and Annette Salina
Atty. and Mrs. Carl Sokolowski


Mark and Maria Bernacki
Keith and Ann Bova
Herb and Cheryl Carlson
CFGNB Matching Gifts from Giving Brewsday 11/28
Donald and Pat DeVivo
Gaffney Bennett & Associates, Inc.
Brian and Cori Humes
Michael and Diane Karabin
Joan Anne Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Malinowski
Andy and Fran Meade
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Petit
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Robert Trojanowski
Lin and Gwen Wellman
Emilie Yukna


An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
Allstate Giving Campaign
Raymond Archacki Jr.
Vern Baker and Rev. Katherine Fagerburg
The Beach Family, in memory of J.B. and Lil Beach
Rod and Sara Brown
Dennis and Charlene Buden
Len and Maureen Carlson
Michael and Rita Carrier
Rev. Leonard Clough
Adam P. Cohen
Justine Moriarty and Jim Cronin
Danosky & Associates
Donald Davidson
William and Norma Dworski
Malo and Mairead Forde
Betty Fumiatti
Patrick and Frances Gallagher
Insurance Associates, Inc.
James Jones and Sarah Wild-Jones
W. Jeffrey Kingsbury
Barbara Kirejczyk
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Klepacki
Jenny Kochanowsky
Florence Kruvka
Marie Maleno
Jutta Mankowski
David Obedzinski
Odyssey Reinsurance Company
Lois and Hugh Penney
John and Susan Rathgeber
John and Simone Reynolds
John and Marytherese Rodis
Thomas Ronalter
The Kathleen M Sauer Trust
Ron and Theresa Schaller
Jerry and Janet Schwartz
Lorraine Semnoski
Kaylah Smith
Jacqueline Stover
Larry and Jan Tanner
Michael Wanik
Jim Wellman
Fran Wolski
Joeline and Jimmy Wruck
Elizabeth Yannello
Paul and Donna Zagorsky


Chris and Shelby Anderson
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
Louise Belkin
Rose Catenzaro
Jeff Dayton and Caitlin Cantele
Kimberly Duncan
Karen Ellsworth
Robin and Cheryl Farmer
Bruce and Kris Fletcher
Michael Gorzoch and Maria Simao
Agnes Gutowski
Helmut and Mary Jobs
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Monti, Sr.
Andy and Dottie Nicholas
Nicole Pac
Karen Pagliaro, Eric Cope & Sons
Jan Pennito
Kathryn J. Smith
KJ Smith
Bert and Helen Thompson
Christine Utting
Steve and Mary Ann Varga
Susan Venberg
John and Cynthia Whitham
Giselle Ziegler and Ryan Knudson
Allen Procko
An Anonymous Donor
Georgia Thomson Trust
Arthur E. Thornton Trust
WH R Stanley Trust
Whittlesey UW Trust
State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
June A. Cameron, in honor of Brendan and Carol Conry
Susan E. Kaczynski
140 Production Realty, LLC.
Gerry and Lisa Amodio
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Berthiaume
Zigmund and Adeline Drobinski
Steve and Jane Hayes
Art and Claudia Helfgott
Greg Hickey
Janis Jerman
Robert and Kathleen Laundy
Dennis and Mary Keenan
Mr. David and Lt. Gayle Oko
Gail Perkel
Gary and Dolores Robinson
The Schuster Group
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spada
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Davey Sr.
The Bristol Brass General Grant Fund at Main Street Community Foundation
The Bradley Henry Barnes & Leila Upson Barnes Trust at Main Street Community Foundation
Fuller & Myrtle Barnes Fund for Education at Main Street Community Foundation
Petit Family Foundation
State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
Larry Albert
Lorraine Aronson
Gary Battiston
Larry and Jean Berkwitt
Gloria Jean Berry
Sharon Bowers
Scott and Donna Brinckerhoff
Lynn Alan Brooks, in honor of Alice S. Brooks
Sally Connolly
William Cuddy and Vivien Blackford
Cindy and James Dobrynski
Alex Exley and Matt Seidel, in honor of Woody Exley, and in memory of Malcom Wetherbee and Alma on her 75th birthday
Esther, Zack, and Elizabeth Exley, in honor of Woody Exley on his birthday, and in memory of Malcolm Wetherbee
Woody Exley, in honor of Zack, Elizabeth, and Alex Exley, and Matt Seidel, and in memory of Malcolm Wetherbee
Frank and Dorothy Heffernan
Marcy Cain and Robert Kagan
Marvin and Janet Kay, in memory of Alma Exley
David Knishkowy and Judith Greiman
Wendy Kozlow
Patrick and Alexandra Lee
John and Gloria Lobre
Barri Marks, in memory of Alma Exley
James H. Moran Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
John and Susan Rathgeber
Elizabeth Schmitt
Patricia Scully, in memory of Alma Exley on her birthday
David N. & Debra J. Spiegel Charitable Fund, in memory of Helen Spiegel
Gary and Barbara Spiegel
Paul Virostek, in memory of Carol Virostek
Barry and Wendy Wanger
Dr. David L. Weil

Paul Virostek, in memory of Carol Virostek

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Gilrain, in honor of Ronald and Alice Gilrain

Alice Gilrain, in memory of Ronald Gilrain
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Gilrain, in honor of Ronald and Alice Gilrain
Wendy and Mark Klemick

Ted and Nancy Johnson

Junior League of Greater New Britain, Inc.

John Hancock Financial Services, Inc., Matching Gifts Program
Phyllis and Ed Kindelan

Estate of David Roy Kovacs

AFSCME Local 1214
American Savings Foundation
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
Raymond and Barbara Archacki
Anne Aurand
Marie Arnone
The Baylock Family
Mark and Maria Bernacki
Andre and Elizabeth Blaszczynski
Bombaci Family Fund
Keith and Ann Bova
Dennis and Charlene Buden
John Christie
Michael and Naomi Cohen
Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc.
Stephanie Cole
Jim and Kris Collin
Natalie Criniti
Andrew and Lanelle Cusack
Mr. and Mrs. David Davison
Donald and Diane DeFronzo
Michael Donoghue
Ellen Dougherty
Hugette Dube
Edward and Carol Duffy
Richard and Arline Edmonds
Farmington Bank Community Foundation, Inc.
Farmington Valley Physical Therapy Sports Medicine P.C.
Suzanne Fields
Laurianne Florio
Michael and Laura Foran
Gregory Gagnon
Patrick and Frances Gallagher
Ashlie Goitia
Myrle and Robert Goodman
Marlo Greponne
Eleanor Hart
Harvey and Manetta Family Fund
Claudia Havelevitch
Herbert and Betty Hoffman
Carol and Bill Huber
Denise Jacobson
Marcella Jalbert and Jeremy Hammerman
Nancy Jordan
Carl and Dorothy Krein
Kim Krodel, in memory of Wilda and Albert Priebe
Vivian Lane
Charles and Joan Leach
Laura Lockwood
James and Carol Loomis
Maria Loitz
Maureen Lyons
Kevin Malone
Leticia Mangual
Marshall & Veale LLC
Harry and Janice Mazadoorian
Lisa McKinnon
Patricia Mele
Glorica Merced
Yaizmari Merced
John and Barbara Meskill
Jim and Leah Meyer
Patricia Moran
Network for Good, in honor of Kimberly Duncan’s birthday
Florence Nixon
David and Linda Obedzinski
Astrida Olds
Norma Oquendo
Clifton Paradis
Betty Petraniuk
Jeanne Radcliff
Carla Reinhardt
Marilyn Rice
Pete and Pam Rosa, in memory of Pedro Rosa of Agueda, Puerto Rico
Philomena Sawyer
Joseph Shilinga
Kaylah J. Smith
Sandra Sokolik
Ronald Soucie
Eric Spunberg, in honor of the communities of Ellington, Vernon, and Rockville, CT
Lorraine Stub
Geraldine Sullivan
Craig Swanson
Katherine Swanson
Jordan Sypek
Larry and Jan Tanner
Joan Terry
Nghi Thai
Julie Thompson
William Tomasso
Christine Traczyk
Unico Connecticut District II
Christine Utting
Patricia Wallace
Jim and Vickie Williamson
Marilyn Wilson
Tom Witt
Frances Wolski
YWCA of New Britain
Carol Zesut
Chrysallis Center
Mayor’s Trophy Charitable Golf Tournament
Estate of Bernard McAvay
James W. McDermott
Maureen McDermott
Paula and Leonard Zielinski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brix
Scott Grant
David, Joan, and Lauren Lukowsky
Paula and Leonard Zielinski
Cambridge Synchronized Swimming Club Inc.
Robert and Elaine Chagnon
Hamden Heronettes Parents Association
Kiwanis Club of Berlin, CT Inc.
Patricia Melber, in memory of Kim Miller
Merrimack Valley YMCA
New Canaan Aquinas Synchronized Swim Team
Mark and Carol Potter
Swimkins Synchronized Swimming
Ronald and Pamela Weir
Brenda Whitaker, in honor of Kim’s birthday

The Civitillo Family
Ellen Dougherty
Thomas Galvin
James Gosselin, in memory of Officer Jeffery Casner, Berlin Police
James Lescoe
Dr. Mark Russak

Mary Jo Hrubiec, in memory of Dr. Nicholas Formica

New Britain High School Foundation

Aetna Foundation, Inc., Partners in Community Giving
Dr. Erik Bee and Ms. Caitlyn Prescott
Peter and Vicki Rackliffe, for the Jim Rackliffe Scholarship Fund
Lynda Ryba

Carl and Sally Johnson
Paul and Donna Zagorsky

NBGH School of Nursing Alumni and Associates, Inc.

Tim and Kristin Perra

An Anonymous Donor

Jonathan Schwartz, in honor of Janet J. Schwartz
Maureen Albert-Piascik
Susan Aparo
Raymond Archacki Jr.
Linda Andrecs Bernstein
Mona Biskupiak Cappucio
Cheryl Chatfield
Law Office of Seth Feigenbaum
Regina Fetera
Andrea Paganetti Hayes
Donald Hinckley
Doreen Marquis
Angelo Mocerino and Lori Witkin
James Pacyna
Salvatore Paterno
Deborah Kahrmann Piryk
Rosann Faiola Reeder
Stuart and Emily Rosen
Charles and Debra Sailer
Victor Saverino
Atty. Robert A, Scalise Jr.
Mary Tierney
Bill and Linda Toczko
John and Nancy Wasik
Robert Zdankiewixz
John and Brenda Manning
The Round Table
Larry and Jan Tanner
Schaller Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Auto Body

Danaher Corporation

Friends of the Southington Public Library
Melissa Allen

Estate of Stanley and Bernice Shepard

Larry and Jan Tanner
Sarah Tanner, in honor of Larry Tanner

Joe & Kay Calvanese Foundation
Kaye Davis
Janet Mellon

Leann Cormier, in memory of Hazel Campanella
James Smith, in memory of Thomas E. McGowan, Marianna Civitillo Komanetsky, and Harry T. Byrne
Louise Belkin*
Joseph and Carol Blancato*
Joanne Bozadjian*
New Britain Bar Association*
Jan Pucci*
Spencer School*
Spring Brook Service, Inc.*
Lin and Gwen Wellman*
*In memory of Atty. D.J. Harry Webb