Greater New Britain Disaster Response Fund

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The CFGNB wants to be prepared to respond appropriately to what the Berlin, New Britain, Plainville and Southington communities may need during times of local emergency as local funds for emergency assistance by towns and other non-profits are often limited.  Additionally, in some cases, local residents, rather than non-profits, take up collections of funds with little, if any, oversight.  A CFGNB Disaster Response Fund is a fund that the community can contribute to prior to or in time of crisis and will provide funds to the towns for affected residents in a responsible manner.

The purpose of the Fund is to make resources available to local government community service departments and crisis coordinators to meet the basic needs of residents from Berlin, New Britain, Plainville and Southington who are displaced from their homes for an extended period of time due to a natural disaster.  Funds may also be used to support individual municipalities for basic food and shelter expenses related to temporarily supporting residents displaced due to a natural disaster.   Natural disaster incidents include fire, flood and other weather related emergencies.

Disbursements from the Fund:  Representatives from local government community services or crisis coordinators will screen applicants and have them complete appropriate applications.   Individuals that inquire to access funds will be directed to the local Community Service offices from their town of residence as follows:

Berlin Social and Youth Services (860-828-7059)
New Britain Community Services (860-826-3360)
Plainville Social Services Department (860-793-0221 ext. 294)
Southington Community Services (860-628-3761)

Once approved by the local government official, the official will request grant funds from the CFGNB Director of Community Initiatives and Program Services via email and using a designated request form.  Once approved, funds will be dispersed to the local government Community Services department who will allocate them accordingly or purchase the appropriate gift cards to meet the need(s). Grants will not be paid directly to individuals.  Funds raised for a specific event, individual or family that exceed the need and are therefore unexpended will remain in the Disaster Response Fund for general use for future disasters.