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As a partner in charitable giving we help professional advisors achieve success for themselves, their clients and the community.

We’re Here to Work with You

Developing a charitable plan that meets your client’s financial and charitable wishes is no small task. As a professional advisor, the opportunity you have to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals is both a privilege and a challenge. The Community Foundation of Greater New Britain is here to help. Our staff is skilled in working with donors who have multi-faceted objectives and complex gift situations. As your partner in philanthropy we know that we can help you achieve success for you, for your clients and for the community. The advantages of working with us are many:


Funds Booklet

We’ll be happy to arrange a meeting at your convenience and at a place of your choosing. We understand that your clients sometimes prefer to remain anonymous and are glad to work directly with you on their behalf. Feel free to call us to explore an option or discuss a client situation. We have created a Funds Booklet that explains our types of funds, fund performance, spending policy, fees, and the impact our funds have made in the community. Please contact us at 860.229.6018 or to receive a copy of our Funds Booklet.


We are experienced in customizing charitable giving opportunities to help your clients achieve their financial and charitable goals. We understand how to help you communicate the benefits of a particular strategy, so that your clients make well-informed decisions they feel good about. Many individuals, corporations, nonprofit agencies and organizations also decide to work with us because of our knowledge of local needs and our extensive experience in local problem solving.


Our strong record of financial stewardship assures your clients that their charitable agenda will be met now and for generations to come. Our volunteer Board of Directors represents a broad cross-section of our community. They work hard to maintain high donor confidence in proper management of charitable gifts.


If each individual fund operated independently and had to recreate our services on its own, the price tag would be enormous. But each of our funds shares the costs of an outstanding staff and excellent investment advisors. In a very real sense, each donor is backed by a staff that cares about them and their needs.

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We sincerely want to be your partner in meeting the charitable giving needs of your clients. If you have questions that have not been answered in this section, or want to arrange a meeting with our staff, please call or e-mail Bob Trojanowski, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, at 860.229.6018 x314.