Welcome to our Planned Giving Page

A planned gift is a contribution that is arranged in the present and distributed at a future date. Commonly donated through a will, trust, or life insurance, planned gifts are most often granted once the donor has passed away. This page will provide you with more information about planned gift options and the benefits to you, your family, and the charities, like our Community Foundation, who can strengthen their impact through the generosity of these types of gifts.

On our What to Give page we will share with you information about some of the best assets like cash, securities or stocks, and property that you can designate for a planned gift and why.  Learn How to Give and discover gift options with tax and income benefits. We can help you discover the best planned gift to meet your goals.  

Did you know… Making a gift to a charitable organization from one’s will is the most popular type of planned gift and that gifts through your will can help reduce your estate taxes?  These pages will provide you more information about the benefits of making such a bequest and how to establish a will including sample language for you and your advisor to consider. 

Learn how others connected to the Community Foundation have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and how the legacy they established continues to make a difference in the communities we serve and beyond.

Members of the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain’s Beehive Legacy Society have ensured a lasting impact in our community for years to come through the establishment of a planned gift for the Foundation or one of its funds. When an individual or family shares their plans for such a gift with the Foundation it allows us to recognize and thank them throughout their lifetime. The Beehive Society is an ideal way to leave your legacy. To learn more and view a list of members click here

Click here for a copy of our Beehive Society Brochure