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Degree Completion Initiative

There is a growing trend of college juniors and seniors suddenly facing financial pressures making it difficult or impossible for them to continue in their education and complete their degrees. This can be due to a parent losing a job, decreasing scholarship assistance, increasing education costs, the need to work more hours in jobs to pay for education, child care, etc. The CFGNB has partnered with CCSU to establish the Degree Completion Initiative Program to provide financial assistance to those in the latter part of their education with a good college standing and demonstrated need.

Beginning in 2019, CFGNB established a set-aside of undesignated funds to begin a pilot program with CCSU. After researching with CCSU’s task force information and other data, we decided to offer our scholarship to students in their junior or seniors years, who owed less than $2,500. In the first year of the initiative, we were able to completely pay three students’ balances, and assist two others in completing their education.

Following an evaluation of the initial program the Foundation may increase its support of the initiative for future semesters at CCSU and possibly at a local technical school. CFGNB looks forward to continuing to make an impact on the students and future workers of our community.