2020 Donors

Austrian Donau Club

Chris and Cathy Beckius
Ken and Pat Beckius
United Way of Monmouth & Ocean Counties

JHB Student Athlete Fund, Inc.
Travelers Community Connections Matching Gifts Program

William Tomasso

Aetna Foundation Inc., Partners in Community Giving
American Savings Foundation
An Anonymous Donor
Automotive Connection
Mark Berardi and Heather Carreiro
Mark and Maria Bernacki
Gary and Maureen Brummett
Len and Maureen Carlson
Mary Kate G. Carroll
Rick and Cindy Dighello
Chris and Renee Edge
Patrick and Frances Gallagher
Paul Gianaris
Steven Girelli
The Hospital of Central Connecticut
Janis C. Jerman
Joanne Kelleher
Kensington Congregational Church Women’s Service League
Kyle Kummer
Ian Lucas and Sylvia Wilson Lucas
Melinda Martin
Don and Phyllis Naples
New Britain ROOTS, Inc.
David and Linda Obedzinski
OKAY Industries
Mitchell Page, in memory of Howard and Charlene Page
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pisk
Gary and Dolores Robinson
Jack A. Rudy
Paul and Annette Salina
Tom and Jude Satalino
Schaller Auto World
Maryann Smialowski
The KJ Smith Family
Kaylah J. Smith
Betty Tedeschi
Christine Traczyk
Steve and Mary Ann Varga

WH R Stanley Trust
Arthur E. Thornton Trust

Leslie and Mike Cifone

Mitchell Page, in memory of Howard and Charlene Page

Civic Leader
Stanley Black & Decker
OKAY Industries

Acme Monaco Corporation
An Anonymous Donor
Fiduciary Investment Advisors, LLC
David and Linda Obedzinski

Special Friend
An Anonymous Donor
John and Susan Rathgeber

Aetna Foundation, Inc., Partners in Community Giving
Irene DeVivo
Five Churches Brewing
Michael and Laura Foran
Michael and Diane Karabin
New Britain Municipal Employees CSA
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ruta

Maureen Albert-Piascik
The Beach Family
Karen Ellsworth
Bruce and Kris Fletcher
Lanette Spranzo Macaruso
Dr. Martha Maietta O.D.
Mrs. Marie Maleno
Thomas and Valerie Menditto
Network for Good
Donald and Elaine Pavasaris
Lucian and Helen Pawlak
Sandra Sokolik

Amazon Smile
Rosemary Baylock
Rita Brochu
Ron and Marjorie Buccilli
Richard M. Dighello
Nancy L. Jordan
Maria Teresa Lombardi
Luc A. Ouellette
Mary Ann S. Peifer
Joseph A. Perez
Margaret Baylock Renzella
Salerno Dojo Kyokushin Karate LLC
Marie Spivey
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
Christine Utting
Tom Witt
Paul and Donna Zagorsky

Ray and Barbara Andrews
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
An Anonymous Donor
Wallace and Bette Ann Bailey
Mark Berardi and Heather Carreiro
Paul and Ronni D’Addabbo, in honor of Jason Howey
Bruce and Kris Fletcher
Pat McCurdy-Crescimanno
Andy and Dottie Nicholas
John and Simone Reynolds
The KJ Smith Family
Larry and Jan Tanner
Stephanie Wood

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Davey Sr.

An Anonymous Donor
Angel and Robin Aponte
Raymond and Barbara Archacki
Amy L. Bissell
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Blumer
Donna D. Brasley
Brinker International
Nancy A. Carlson
Michael and Naomi Cohen*
Janis E. Deckert
Donald and Diane DeFronzo
Dr. Nancy M. DePalma
Diaspora Multicultural Society, Inc.
Irene Diaz and Thomas Murphy*
Nancy Gentry
Marlo Greponne
Eleanor Hart
Vincent and Grissel Hodge*
Elizabeth M. Krosnicki
Leticia Mangual
John and Patricia McNamara*
Julio Morales Jr.
David and Linda Obedzinski
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Petit Jr., in memory of Jennifer, Hailey, and Michaela Petit
Geraldine Poglitsch
Marisa A. Porco
Desiree M. Rivera
Pete and Pam Rosa*
Philomena Sawyer
Joseph D. Shilinga
William P. Shortell
Lois Sigman Young
Violet and D’Andre Sims
Sandra Sokolik
Larry and Jan Tanner
Michael and Susan Thomas*
Mary Trombley
Christine Utting
Wigbert Vazquez
Andrew R. Zink*

*In memory of Raquel Rosa

American Eagle Financial Credit Union
Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
Henry Barnes & Leila Upson Barnes Memorial Trust at the Main Street Community Foundation
The Stocker Foundation
Zhuo Garden LLC

Sharon and Peter Bowers
Alex Exley and Matthew Seidel
Esther, Zack, and Elizabeth Exley, in honor of Woody Exley on his birthday
Barri Marks, in memory of Alma Exley
James H. Moran Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Elizabeth M. Schmitt

Claudia Hart

Wendy and Mark Klemic

Edmund T. Kindelan
Meghan Kindelan

Mayor’s Trophy Charitable Golf Tournament

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McCormack

An Anonymous Donor
Scott Spendolini, in memory of Jimmy

New Britain Saturday Night Club Fund of CFGNB

Donald and Pat DeVivo, in memory of Kimberly Miller

Robert and Elaine Chagnon
Merrimack Valley YMCA
Carol Potter
Brenda Whitaker

Scott, Toni and Dan Kirby, in memory of Linda Blogoslawski Mlynarczyk

Don and Phyllis Naples

Susan and William Butler
Lynda Ryba

Ann and Brian Diskin, in honor of Mary Diskin

Peter and Gail Byeff
Walter A. Clebowicz
David Cruickshank
Dr. Richard L. and Nancy F. Judd
Paul and Donna Zagorsky

David and Linda Obedzinski

The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Tim and Kristin Perra

Elyse M. Krantz, as a thank you to the Southington Library staff

An Anonymous Donor*
Berlin Democratic Town Committee*
James and Eileen Bosco*
Betty Ann Cavanaugh
Linda Cavanaugh*
Connecticut Insurance Department (CID Cares)*
William D’Amato
Bonita Laput*
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic J. Lopreiato*
Lanette Spranzo Macaruso
Lucille Moschella*
Patricia C. Nowell*
Karen D. Perezi Beaudoin*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Polke*
Gaetano and Christina Rubino*
Ann M. Thibodeau*
Mr. and Mrs. James Venneman*

*in memory of Chester Pagliaro

Farmington Bank Community Foundation, Inc.

The Pingel Family
Larry and Jan Tanner, in honor of Larry Tanner
Sarah Tanner

Barbara LaGasse, in memory of Janina Borowski from the Zywno Family

Peter LaBianca, in memory of Jim Williamson