Victoria Triano

Where Good Begins: Victoria Triano

Victoria Triano’s deep affection for the town of Southington is the stuff of lore. A Southington native, Triano is an ordained minister, long-time member of the Town Council, former president of the local United Way and has served, in one capacity or another, on just about every board, commission or non-profit agency in town. A former director of the Community Foundation who remains a vital member of the Foundation’s Grants Committee, Triano is a Civic Leadership Fund donor and an enthusiastic supporter of the Foundation’s efforts on Southington’s behalf. CFGNB recently sat with Victoria to “talk Southington” and discuss why, for her, the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain is Where Good Begins.

Q) Tell us, Vickie, about your love affair with the town of Southington.

A) Oh, I love the way you put that! You know, being born here and with my father having been police chief in town for so long (Chief Robert Triano, 1954-1979), I developed a natural affinity for my hometown at a very young age. In my family, the notion that what we do on behalf of our neighbors matters was instilled early on. The love for Southington in our family runs very deep. Historically, when we see need in this community, we are motivated to meet it. Our willingness to help each other makes Southington the community that it is.

Q) How have you seen the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain impact lives in Southington?

A) The Community Foundation of Greater New Britain is so important to me because we share the same philosophy. The Foundation is ready to intervene when a need presents itself. I’ve been fortunate to work on the Foundation’s wonderful board and as a member of the Grants Committee, have been able to play a small role in bringing certain Southington needs to the committee over the years, and each time the Foundation has stepped up to help. From education enrichment, to supporting our Southington Historical Society, the Community Foundation has been there for Southington. And I can’t tell you how important the Foundation’s role has been. Through its First Years First early childhood development initiative, the Foundation helped sustain and promote the work of the Early Childhood Collaborative of Southington. Today, the Foundation is helping to meet the needs of our families by supporting the Collaborative and our Family Resource Center.

Q) What makes the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain different?

A) Because the Foundation has the ability to make grants that can really change the course of a person’s life, their impact goes so much further than my $25 gift to this charity or my $100 gift to that charity. Our collective gifts result in grant funding and programming that make a lasting impression in the towns the Foundation serves.
And the Foundation’s board is just different. It is a working board, different in its mission and different in the dedication of its members. Each board member represents the highest levels of integrity, community involvement, service above self – men and women of high personal integrity and professional excellence who take it upon themselves to promote change for the better in their communities.

Q) Make the case for why your fellow neighbors should support the Community Foundation and its Civic Leadership Fund.

A) The Community Foundation is what I call “good ground’ – there’s a high level of accountability, of authenticity. I truly believe that the Foundation sets the standard for non-profits not only in grantmaking, but in terms of changing a community’s culture. They hear the needs of the community and do what they can to make the greatest impact. We can take a shotgun approach to addressing community need, or we can be sharpshooters and focus in on specific needs that make lasting change – that’s what the Community Foundation does.