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2018 Grants & Initiatives

Through March, 2018 the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain has awarded $223,300 in grants and scholarships. Thank you for your support!

The Catalyst Program

Catalyst is a “giving circle” of local citizens who seek to learn about community issues in Berlin, New Britain, Plainville and Southington. Anyone can become a part of this group by making a contribution of $250 to the Catalyst Fund and completing a membership form. “Discovery” memberships are available to first-time members (and their families) for a gift of $50 for the first year, and a “Business” membership offers local businesses the opportunity to engage their employees in local philanthropy. Members gather three times per year to learn about a member-chosen issue facing their community, and to consider funding requests from charitable organizations addressing the issue. The year concludes with a grant of up to $10,000.

Community Initiatives

The CFGNB is proactive with a portion of its grant making in order to seek out, create and support projects and initiatives that focus on the broader community as well as the non-profits that serve the community. By being strategic and investing resources in this manner, the foundation fulfills its community leadership goal of defining challenges and investing in solutions.

First Years First

We believe that preparing the children of Berlin, New Britain, Plainville and Southington for success in school and in life by enhancing their early childhood development education experience is fundamental to any meaningful expression of the Foundation’s mission.

Sub-Total, Community Initiatives Grants:

Arts, Culture and Heritage

We believe that when the Foundation supports arts, culture and heritage programs, we not only enhance the quality of life for all residents in those communities, but also invest in the long-term economic vitality and well-being of the Greater New Britain area.

  • Southington Community Cultural Arts, $18,500
    from the Alix W. Stanley Charitable Fund, Catharine McHenry Rogers Fund, and Georgia Knapp Thomson Fund to expand All Access, an arts program that provides accessibility to all, but especially to people with disabilities

Community & Economic Development

We believe that supporting community and economic development efforts adds to the strength and stability of neighborhoods and the citizens that live within them.

  • Connecticut Main Street Center, $12,500
    from the William H. Judd, Jr. Fund, Joseph A. Mlynarski, MD, Memorial Fund, and A. W. Stanley Discretionary Fund to support work to further transit-oriented development planning and implementation in Kensington Village
  • Rebuilding Together New Britain, $15,000
    from the Johnstone Vance Memorial Fund, Anna Thornton Fund, Walter H. Dickman Fund, and Elizabeth J. Berry Fund to replace equipment and upgrade technology


We believe in the saying that “knowledge is power.” When the Foundation invests in education, it is helping to provide citizens with a key that can help open many doors.

  • Connecticut Science Center, $15,200
    from the A. W. Stanley Discretionary Fund and Anna T. Deutsch Fund to provide professional development for Next Generation Science Standards educators in Plainivlle and Southington
  • Consolidated School District of New Britain, $40,000
    from the A. W. Stanley Discretionary Fund, Louis G. and Ada C. Amodio Fund for Children, Anonymous Fund for Education, Justus S. and Lillian F. Beach Fund, and Charles L. Munford, Jr., Memorial Fund to support XTREME and CREATE, summer programs designed to help diminish the achievement and enrichment gap
  • First Tee Program of Connecticut, $15,000
    from the J. Edward and Justine B. Melson Family Fund, William T. Livingston Memorial Fund, Ted and Nancy Howe Fund, Jeannette Elizabeth Westlake Memorial Fund, Donald W. and Virginia C. Davis Fund, and A. W. Stanley Discretionary Fund to support golf cirriculum in the Consolidated School District of New Britain
  • Junior Achievement of Southwest New England, $10,000
    from the William E. Attwood Jr. Fund, Marshall A. Pease Memorial Fund, Vic and Jane Darnell Fund, and Donald W. and Virginia C. Davis Fund for JA Pathways to Careers, a new program at Berlin High School

Health and Human Services

We believe that having access to services that help maintain or improve health, or which help citizens gain access to basic human services, is fundamental to quality of life.

  • Columbus House Inc., $7,500
    from the Ev and Ethel Herre Memorial Fund and Johnstone Vance Memorial Fund to support case management for seniors at The Jefferson
  • Connecticut Center for Nonviolence, $5,000
    from the Johnstone Vance Memorial Fund and Anonymous Fund to provide Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Training to area police departments
  • Klingberg Family Centers, Inc., $17,600
    from the Johnstone Vance Memorial Fund, Ronald and Alice Gilrain Fund, and Georgia Knapp Thomson Fund to evaluate the gaps in services for those on the Autism spectrum and offer training for providers
  • Prudence Crandall Center, Inc., $12,000
    from the Junior League of Greater New Britain Funds and Spencer P. Torell Fund, Robert A. and Phyllis T. Mugford Fund for security enhancements
  • United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, $25,000
    from the A. W. Stanley Discretionary Fund, Vicenta Alverio Memorial Fund, William and Bette Batchelor Fund, and Bernard McAvay Fund for Emergency Assistance Plan to aid Hurricane Survivors from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands facing potential homelessness in our four towns
  • YWCA of New Britain, $30,000
    from the Johnstone Vance Memorial Fund, A. W. Stanley Discretionary Fund, and Helen M. Lynch Fund for Building Hope Together to support the Homelessness Prevention Program and Work Plan Coordinator position

Sub-total, Community Response Grants: $223,300

Donor Advised Grants

Sub-Total, Donor Advised Grants:

Designated Grants

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Scholarships Awarded

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Community Chest of New Britain & Berlin

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Community Sponsorship Awards From the A. W. Stanley Discretionary Fund

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