Southington FIRST Robotics Fund

. . . It’s like life.  You never have enough information.  You never have enough time.  The kit of materials may be what you have in the warehouse.  There are always people doing competing things and you must have a strategy.  We’ve created a microcosm of the real engineering experience.” –Woodie Flowers, Co-Founder, FIRST Robotics Competition

The Southington FIRST Robotics Fund was created November 6, 2008 to develop a widespread passion for science and technology in Southington’s youth. For 7 years, this fund and its gracious supporters have exponentially amplified students’ interest in scientific fields with a program that is like no other. This program melds real-life challenges with the excitement of competition, teaching our youth the importance of dedication, giving-back, teamwork, and, of course, engineering. Click here to see a video about how Southington’s Robotics Team 195, impacts the community.

FIRST Robotics is uniquely known as the “varsity sport of the mind” as it fosters the discovery of how fascinating and impactful the lives of engineers and researchers are through intense competition. FIRST prepares students for the modern world by throwing increasingly daunting challenges at them year after year. Whether the challenge be building a robot that can shoot Frisbees 54 feet across a field or one that can play basketball, students are always excited to rise to the occasion. To see a video produced by Southington’s team about the intensity of FIRST competitions, please click here.

Since 1989, the FIRST Robotics Competition has grown from 28 teams to over 3,000 teams worldwide. The fund distributions are made to the Southington FIRST Robotics Programs as requested by the Southington FIRST Teacher Advisor or by the Superintendent of Schools.