2015 Donors

Who’s Giving 2015

Ray and Barbara Andrews
Austrian Donau Club
Estate of William and Bette Batchelor
Ken and Pat Beckius
Ramona Beckius
Rick and Maryann Beckius
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Blumer
Aetna Foundation, Inc., Partners in Community Giving
John and Pat McNamara
Rev. John C. Morris
New Britain NAACP
Spottswood Ame Zion Church Alvah J Bellamy Scholarship Fund
Jay Porter Bruemmer Charitable Lead Trust
Joseph Crowe*
The D’Agostino Family*
Mr. and Ms. Stephen Falvey*
Michael Hanley and Maryann O’Connor Hanley*
Ms. Claudia Hart*
Ramanath Iyer and Mary Hennessey Iyer*
JHB Student Athlete Fund, Inc.
Mrs. Ea Jensen and Mr. James Brown*
Ms. Bernadette Kasunic*
Gerard Kiley and Mary Rondeau Kiley*
Courtney Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Milligan*
Janet Morse*
John and Nancy Mulcahy*
Travelers Community Connections, Matching Gifts Program

*In memory of Jane Blair
Aetna Foundation, Inc., Partners in Community Giving
American Savings Foundation
Gerry and Lisa Amodio
Anonymous Donor
Sharon Baretta
Mark and Maria Bernacki
Rod and Sara Brown
Kevin and Christine Bruemmer
Len and Maureen Carlson
Mary Kate Carroll
Elliot and Marsha Cohen
Michael and Laura Foran
Leo and Diane Gagne
Patrick and Fran Gallagher
Brian and Cori Humes
Janis Jerman
C.J. and Linda Jones
Kensington Congregational Church Women’s Service League
Ed and Phyllis Kindelan
Mary Krenn
Katherine Lapico
Ian Lucas
Joanne Majewski
Scott and Ginny Newbury
David and Linda Obedzinski
Bob and June O’Leary
Paul and Annette Salina
Thomas and Jude Satalino
Maryann Smialowski
Sandra Sokolik
Betty Tedeschi
Steve and Mary Ann Varga
Sylvia Wilson Lucas
Emilie Yukna
Gary Jaye*
Ms. Melinda O’Connor*

*In memory of John Visnauskas
Stanley Seniors Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Civic Leader

Roger and Anna Johnson
OKAY Industries
Stanley Black & Decker
Tomasso Group


Acme-Monaco Corporation
Cynthia C. Anderson
Anonymous Donor
Jan Blackburn
Paul and Kim Czepiga
Czepiga Daly Pope LLC
Donald and Beverly Harris
Ken and Chris Julian
New Britain Medical Supplies, Inc.
Donna Rutola
Paul and Annette Salina
Jack and Betsy Waller
Jim and Vickie Williamson

Special Friend

Anonymous Donor
Peter and Marcelyn Clarke
Conry Asset Management, LLC
Irene DeVivo
Leo and Diane Gagne
Archie and Norma Harris
CJ and Linda Jones
Phyllis Kindelan
Donald and Laurel Klepacki
Mary Krenn
David and Nancy MacDonald
Marc Pelletier, CPA
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Gregory and Pamela Reynolds
Art and Trish Schaller


Cathryn Addy
Keith and Ann Bova
Herb and Cheryl Carlson
Victor and Betty Fumiatti
Brian and Cori Humes
Michael and Diane Karabin
Charles and Joan Leach
Jan Pennito
Stanley Black & Decker Matching Gifts Program
Travelers Community Connection Matching Gifts Program
Robert Trojanowski
Harry and Sylvia Webb
Lin and Gwen Wellman
Emilie Yukna


Gerry and Lisa Amodio
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Vern Baker and Rev. Katherine Fagerburg
The Beach Family
Bread for Life
Rod and Sara Brown
Barton and Donna Bovee
Len and Maureen Carlson
Michael and Rita Carrier
Donald Davidson
Drew & Mersereau, P.C.
William and Norma Dworski
Malo and Mairead Forde
Patrick and Frances Gallagher
John and Cheryl Hart and June Windish
Insurance Associates, Inc.
Stanislaw and Nina Jankowski
Ted and Nancy Johnson
Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc.
Warren Kingsbury
Richard and Paula Knight
Les and Jenny Kochanowsky
Gary Lefler and Lynn McArthur-Lefler
Michael and Victoria Marinelli
Donna and Michael McKenty
Andy and Fran Meade
Jack and Barbara Miller
Scott and Ginny Newbury
Edmund Noyes
Jacob and Charlotte Ohanesian
Annie and Clifford Parker
Rick and Cindy Patterson
Lois and Hugh Penney
Joan Rhinesmith
Thomas Ronalter
Frances Russell
Tom and Jude Satalino
Scot and Tracy Scala
Ron and Theresa Schaller
Kaylah Smith
Jacqueline Stover
Larry and Jan Tanner
Rev. Victoria Triano
Christine Utting
Paul Virostek
Michael Wanik
Jim Wellman
Raymond and Frances Wolski
Yarde Metals, Inc.


Aetna Foundation Inc., Partners in Community Giving
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Keith and Ann Bova
Dennis and Charlene Buden
Frank and Diane D'Addabbo
Mark and Barbara Doherty
Edward and Ann Duncan
Kimberly Duncan
Estate & Business Planning Council of Hartford, Inc.
Bruce and Kris Fletcher
Suzanne Ferland
C. Joan Gagliardi
Larry and Linda Gallupe
Tim and Susan Gavronski
Barbara Mackay
Joseph Maleno
William and Gail Millerick
David and Carmay Monti
Justine Moriarty and Jim Cronin
John and Jill Notar-Francesco
Mary Paulette Pappalardo*
Annie and Clifford Parker
Jim and Mary Lou Sanders
Thomas and Jacqueline Schenck
Lorraine Semnoski
Kathryn Smith
Joseph and Martha Spada
Byron and Debra Treado
Steve and Mary Ann Varga
Susan Venberg
Edward Young Family

*In memory of Chrissy and Anthony Pappalardo
American Savings Foundation
Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut, Inc.
Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
Farmington Bank Community Foundation, Inc.
William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund
Liberty Bank Foundation
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
Allen Procko
Anonymous Donor
Community Foundation of Greater New Britain
Georgia Thomson Trust
Arthur E. Thornton Trust
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
WH R Stanley Trust
Whittlesey UW Trust
June Cameron
Conry Asset Management, LLC
Susan Kaczynski
Frank and Jane Amodio
Gerry and Lisa Amodio
Associated Insurance Services
Marlin Bendickson
Gerald and Jennie Berthiaume
Aime and Rita Brochu
Ron and Marjorie Buccilli
Richard Buckley Jr.
Elfrieda Buettemeyer
Chet and Ruth Camarata
William and Norma Dworski
Lorraine Florio-Olson
Raymond Galli
Larry and Linda Gallupe
Steve and Jane Hayes
Art and Claudia Helfgott
Joan and Greg Hickey
Roland and Barbara Hoekman
Greg and Barbara Howey
Walter Hushak
Lois and Ron Jablonski
Janis Jerman
Helmut and Mary Jobs
The Joseph J. Gustin Co.
Dennis and Mary Keenan
Leslie Kish
Edward Krakauskas and Sigita Banevicius
Curt Landgrebe
Robert and Kathleen Laundy
Victor Lavado
Sandie and Tim Lavoy
Gary and Patricia Lee
Martha Goodwin Maietta
Angelo Martone Sr.
Faith Miller
Mary Murphy
Adam Muszynski
Steven Nims and Barbara Gurr
Victoria Odesina
Mr. David and Lt. Gayle Oko
George and Kathy Plunge
David Pogorzelski
Bob and Lisa Primmer
Joan Rhinesmith
Gary and Dolores Robinson
Mary Ann Rusczyk
Carlos and Susan Sanchis
Rollin G. Schuster, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Spada
Robert Sperry Jr.
Eugene Taraschuk
Robert and Theresa Voroscak
Harry and Sylvia Webb
Ellen and Peter Zeman
Sarah Barkley
Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut, Inc.
Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund
Knights of Columbus, Isabella Council #15
Jennifer LeRoy
Main Street Community Foundation
Joel Munson
Women & Girl's Fund at Main Street Community Foundation
Michelle Slimak
T.L.C. Services
Larry Albert*
Glenn Allen Jr.
Lorraine Aronson
Larry and Jean Berkwitt*
Deveria Berry
Gloria Jean Berry
Sharon and Peter Bowers
Scott and Donna Brinckerhoff
Alice Brooks
Community Foundation of Greater New Britain*
Sally Connolly
William Cuddy and Vivien Blackford*
Cindy and James Dobrynski^
Alex Exley and Matthew Seidel
Esther, Zack, and Elizabeth Exley
Jaime and Jennifer Exley*
Mr. and Mrs. John Exley*
Woody Exley, in honor of Zack, Elizabeth, and Alex Exley and Matthew Seidel
Steve and Emmy Fast*
Ann and Joseph Fichandler*
Frank and Dorothy Heffernan
Robert Kagan and Marcy Cain*
Marvin and Janet Kay*
David Knishkowy and Judith Greiman*
Wendy Kozlow
Randall La Vigne and Andrea Dennis*
Patrick and Alexandra Lee*
Chi-Ann Lin
Gloria and John Lobre
Evelyn and Norman Lucas*
Barri Marks, in memory of Alma on her yahrzeit and on her birthday
James H. Moran Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund*
Mark O'Malley
Bruce and Joy Rothschild*
Elizabeth Schmitt
Patricia Scully
David N. & Debra J. Spiegel Charitable Fund
Gary and Barbara Spiegel
Jen Steele
Deborah Szanjnberg*
Barry and Wendy Wanger*
Dr. David Weil
Pat Yosha and Malcolm Wetherbee

*In honor of Woody and Barri's Marriage

^In honor of Wendy Kozlow
Michael Andrade
John Chipelo
Kimberly Lynn Photography
Jennifer LeRoy
Southington Public Schools
New Britain Family Resource Center
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
Carl and Carol Ficks*

*In memory of Angelo Tomasso, Jr.
Ken and Pat Beckius*
Rick and Maryann Beckius*
Janis Jerman*
Patricia Stanton*

*In honor of Vic and Betty's 50th Wedding Anniversary
C. Joan Gagliardi
Linda Vanty
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Gilrain
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Gilrain
Wendy and Mark Klemick
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Gilrain
Wendy and Mark Klemick
Trish Walden and George Gorecki
An Anonymous Donor, in honor of Daniel Price
John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Matching Gifts Program
Ed and Phyllis Kindelan
Meghan Kindelan
An Anonymous Gift, in honor of Wai Price
Estate of David Roy Kovacs
Ms. Angela Lepore
Gen Federation of Womens Clubs CT
PMA Insurance Group
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McCormack
Anonymous Donor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chagnon
Robert Cleveland
Scott Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Griggs
Hamden Heronettes
Hamden Heronettes Parents Association
Kiwanis Club of Berlin, CT
Michael Laffan
Bryan and Cheryl Miller*
New Canaan Aquianas Synchronized Swim Team
Mark and Carol Potter^
Troy Sculpins Booster Club
Brenda Whitaker

*In honor of Mark and Carol Potter

^In honor of Bryan and Cheryl Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brix
Donald and Pat DeVivo
Anthony Garro*
Leonard and Mae Giza*
Julie Kitze*
Jeff and Deborah Norris*
Claire Nurzyk*
Shuttle Meadow Country Club*
Kent and Amy Wallace*
The Family of Marietta Weyler-Robbins*

*In memory of Eleanor Mlynarski
NBGH School of Nursing Alumni and Associates
Aetna Foundation Inc., Partners in Community Giving
Scott and Catherine Bannell*
Dr. Erik Bee and Ms. Caitlyn Prescott
Abraham and Estelle Bernstein*
Rose Mary Delldonna*
Farmington Chase Association*
Larry and Carol Faustman*
Bruce and Kris Fletcher*
Leonard and Mae Giza*
Charles and Evelyn Leonhardt*
William Moody and Robert Hryniewicki*
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
James Watson and Family*

*In memory of Dr. Robert Rackliffe
Carl and Sally Johnson
Anonymous Donor
Rosemarie Kochanowsky
David and Linda Obedzinski*
Stanley Black & Decker

*In honor of the CFGNB Staff and Board
The Round Table
William Almada
Anonymous Donor
John Broderick
Mary Ann Cornell*
Anthony Marino
Jon Mastrobattista+
Bryant Rother
Joseph Santomo^
Brian Wallace*
Mitchell Wright

*In memory of Matteo J. Scalaro
^in memory of Renato Santomo
+In honor of Matt Scalaro
Art and Trish Schaller
Schaller Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Auto Body
Danaher Corporation
The John G. Martin Foundation
Otis Elevator Company
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor*
Wallace and Bette Ann Bailey*
Bershtein, Volpe & McKeon P.C.*
Christina Bologna*
Robert and Nadine Britton*
Brian Callahan*
Skipper and Lucy Ann Carbone*
Gary and Mary Celella*
Linda Colwell*
Robert and Lucille Cusano*
Alphonse D'Angelo*
Mary Ellen D’Angelo*
Denise D'Aunno*
Pucky and Benthe D'Aunno*
Stephanie Defilippo*
Carrie Denning*
Mary Ann and Mary Beth Derynioski*
Priscilla Dunn and John MacDonald*
Donald Egidio and Beverly Fiondella*
Elizabeth and Maggie England*
Michael and Sharon Fote*
Rosemary Franchini*
Alex and Chris Gaudio*
Alex and Antonietta Gaudio*
Marion Gionfriddo*
John and Rosalie Giovanelli*
Maria Gomes*
Barbara Iorillo*
Susan Jackson*
Mary Kane*
Stephen and Cheryl Kowalik*
Robert and Patricia Kraut*
Frank and Maureen Kristopik*
Joseph and Dolores LaPorte*
Annette and Tony Lombardi*
MariaTeresa Lombardi*
Richard and Roseanne Magnoli*
Maureen Mallon*
Eugene and Marion Manware*
James and Assunta Manware*
Reno and Elizabeth Mastriani*
Regina Mastrogiacomo
Guy and Karen Mazrek*
Daniel and Carole McCarthy*
Alice McGann*
Michael and Apres McKinnon*
Andy and Fran Meade*
Brian and Elizabeth Michaud*
Patricia Monahan*
Brian and Nancy Murphy*
Jim and Johanna Needham*
Maryann Nessel*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Norton+
James and Joanne Palmieri*
Louis and Joanne Pandolfi*
David and Michelle Pekoske*
Lucille Perry*
Anthony and Nancy Pizzitola*
Robert and Patricia Pooler*
Jacqueline Powers*
Richard and Claudia Riccio*
Dorothea Roy*
John Salerno and Betsy Tooker*
Michael and Ann Sciota*
Joe and Theresa Scollo*
Susan Smayda*
Carl and Melita Sokolowski*
Starr Indemnity & Liability Company
Edward and Elizabeth Tedesco*
John and Joan Theriault*
Mr. and Mrs. George Uterstaedt*
Anthony and Sherry Valenti*
Amy Vavere and Jess Arndorfer*
Matt and Jill Workman*
+In memory of Russel S. Andres
*In memory of Ruth Riccio
Lanette Spranzo Macaruso
American Savings Foundation
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
The Pingel Family, in honor of Larry Tanner
Larry and Jan Tanner
Sarah Tanner*

*In honor of Larry Tanner
Janet Mellon, Teri Javier, & Kaye Davis
Johnstone Vance Memorial Trust