Nurturing Your Gift

Nurturing Your Gift

A Donor-Advised Fund Can Make Charitable Dreams Come True Both Today and Tomorrow

New Britain, Conn., August 21, 2017 – When Stanley and Bernice Shepard established the Stanley and Bernice Shepard Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain back in 1996 – a donor advised fund – they wanted to not only help the community they loved, but play an active role in how the fund would accomplish that.

Bernice and Stanley Shepard

Bernice and Stanley Shepard

After all, that is the very definition of a donor advised charitable fund, one in which those who establish the fund are a vital part of the grantmaking process. Holders of donor advised funds are by and large interested in making a difference in their communities not yesterday, not tomorrow, but here, now – today.

What few donor advised fund holders realize, though – or at the very least don’t consider top-of-mind – is that properly managed and nurtured, such funds can offer the best of both worlds: An impact for today and a legacy for tomorrow.

The Shepards knew this.

Learn to Leave Your LegacyStanley W. Shepard, the former president and CEO of New Britain General Hospital and a former Community Foundation board member, and his wife Bernice, a former teacher and long-time community volunteer, played an active part over the years in working with the Foundation to direct grants from their fund to a wide variety of community causes. Nearly $90,000 in grants have been awarded by the Shepard Fund since its inception.

But over the years, even as the Shepards were helping to direct grants, they were also ensuring the fund’s continued growth. They made regular, additional contributions to keep it vibrant. And they made certain that upon their deaths, the Foundation – and their fund – would be the beneficiaries of additional investment vehicles.

Stanley died in 2007, and Bernice joined him in 2016. But their fund lives on. Today’s Stanley and Bernice Shepard Fund is no longer a donor advised fund, but has been converted at the Shepard’s direction to a field of interest fund (health-related causes) that is another vital tool bolstering the Community Foundation board of directors’ capacity to make annual discretionary grants.

The Shepard legacy is in good hands.

“The Greater New Britain community meant so much to our parents and it is comforting to know that through their foresight and planning, this fund will continue to support causes they cared about for years to come,” says the Shepard’s daughter, New Haven-based psychologist Dr. Jane Shepard. “Our family could not be more pleased with the Community Foundation’s stewardship of our parents’ legacy.”

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